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@TylerMorrison1 , @TooFarTV , @HashtagRoundup @JFL42 #JFL42 – Hashtagging The Fest

September 22, 2015

  If you’ve been following us on Twitter lately, you might’ve picked up on the fact that we’ve got some new friends on the ol’ social media.  We’ve been having a blast working with the fine folks at HASHTAGROUNDUP – @hashtagroundup – Long story short, follow them on twitter, and most importantly sign up for the App – Free for all Smart Phones – and play along as our…

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#RonJeremyRoast Presents #RoastScreech, #ScreechPrisonBookTitles, #ScreechesPrisonDiary and Most Imporantly, #FREESCREECH!

May 31, 2015

The #RonJeremyRoast can’t stop having fun on twitter with Dustin Diamond (one of the stars of the Roast) but in all seriousness, we couldn’t be happier that he’s out of jail, hopefully thanks to #FreeScreech.   #RoastScreech was the first to go trending, hitting over 5 Million Timelines in a few short hours.  Since then #ScreechPrisonBookTitles took over, trending instantaneously, and reaching millions more.  Next up came #ScreechesPrisonDiary. Filmed…

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April 1, 2015

For every city on Darren’s nationwide tour, he will be giving away a Darkness Within USB Box Set ($35 Value – Over 25 Hours of Comedy Material) to THREE lucky people who use the hashtag #TheDarknessWithin to spread the good word on social media.  Acceptable usage of the hashtag includes telling your best dirty or offensive joke, posting a twisted or dark news story, or promoting the live shows.  Partaking…

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The small Canadian town of Taber Alberta has ushered in a controversial new bylaw that prohibits swearing in public with a penalty for using explicit language coming in the form of a $150.00 fine. In addition to this police also have the authority to break up groups of three or more people. The “Swear Jar Bylaw” as it has been deemed, definitely has its supporters, like Mayor Jerry Stallwart: “Basically, we’d just…

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March 9, 2015

OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE TALKHOLE is Canada’s own comedy podcast network, and the first network of its kind in Canada. Launched in late 2014, TALKHOLE broadcasts from a recording studio in downtown Toronto. Home to a diverse array of comedy podcasts hosted by performers from every walk of life, the network offers up original content hosted by some of Canada’s top comedy talent. With 14 shows on air and in…

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Toofar.TV’s cameo on Jim Jefferies Netflix Special

March 1, 2015

We made it onto Jim Jefferies NETFLIX special! Ok, it was only one tiny brilliant quote…but still! Watch the trailer below to see our shining moment.

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SNL Turns 40

February 15, 2015
Ricky Letovsky

“What’s black and Puerto Rican and has my eyes?” I was only 8 and not quite sure what was going on, but some smiley-faced black guy was on my screen making fun of my childhood bestie Mr. Rogers…and I was loving it! Seems he got a bundle of joy left on his doorstep and was in some sort of pickle? Not only was it loads of fun, but it…

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January 27, 2015

TF: So about the Ron Jeremy Roast… Just between us, did you get to, you know, see it? Touch it? TM: No, but if you watch his movies in HD it might take your eye out. TF: I’ll take your word for it. So it’s a little late, but congrats! You and Rob Mailloux produced a very successful roast as part of the Dark Comedy Fest last November. There’s only…

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2014 Year End Review

December 29, 2014
Ricky Letovsky

The Russians invading, ISIS beheadings, killer cops and race riots? 2014 seemed like a terrible version of Hot Tub Time Machine, that took us all the way back to the fucking stone age. So needless to say, it’s been a tough year, which is why we needed comedy more than ever to help us digest all the bullshit. Thankfully there was an abundance of it coming out of Canada….

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cooper's review

Cooper’s Christmas

December 20, 2014
Wiliam Andrews

The “found footage” style has most often been used to create genre horror films, and I think it is without hyperbole that “Cooper’s Christmas” is no exception. There are no witches or demons or exorcisms (last or otherwise). Just the Christmas from hell, and the creeping dread that we all face, that yes, this is your family, and they will never improve, now shut up and pass the Turkey….

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Black Salad Productions @JFL42

September 22, 2014
Foad H.P.

Black Salad Productions is gaining some great access to some of JFL42’s brightest stars. They even got that guy from that Vine video – you know, the one where he tees off on one of his testicles? Amazing! Check out the interviews below. Matt O’Brien: Sara Hennessey: Graham Kay: Christina Walkinshaw:

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September 19, 2014
Tyler Schaafsma

Last night, the legendary Road Work Warrior himself, Dave Attell, kicked off this year’s JFL42 festival. The always cute and raunchy Nikki Glaser opened the show, but enough about her, you can catch her throughout the week. As for Dave, he was only in town for the one night, performing two shows at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, so let’s get right to it. Dave strolled out to a warm…

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