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@TylerMorrison1 , @TooFarTV , @HashtagRoundup @JFL42 #JFL42 – Hashtagging The Fest

  If you’ve been following us on Twitter lately, you might’ve picked up on the fact that we’ve got some new friends on the ol’ social media.  We’ve been having a blast working with the fine folks at HASHTAGROUNDUP – @hashtagroundup – Long story short, follow them on twitter, and most importantly sign up for the App – Free for all Smart Phones – and play along as our...
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#RonJeremyRoast Presents #RoastScreech, #ScreechPrisonBookTitles, #ScreechesPrisonDiary and Most Imporantly, #FREESCREECH!

The #RonJeremyRoast can’t stop having fun on twitter with Dustin Diamond (one of the stars of the Roast) but in all seriousness, we couldn’t be happier that he’s out of jail, hopefully thanks to #FreeScreech.   #RoastScreech was the first to go trending, hitting over 5 Million Timelines in a few short hours.  Since then #ScreechPrisonBookTitles took over, trending instantaneously, and reaching millions more.  Next up came #ScreechesPrisonDiary. Filmed...
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For every city on Darren’s nationwide tour, he will be giving away a Darkness Within USB Box Set ($35 Value – Over 25 Hours of Comedy Material) to THREE lucky people who use the hashtag #TheDarknessWithin to spread the good word on social media.  Acceptable usage of the hashtag includes telling your best dirty or offensive joke, posting a twisted or dark news story, or promoting the live shows.  Partaking...
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